GRAPHICS PACKAGING born in 2021  as a  new department. We invest in brand new professional software and equipment’s for packaging design, the are used by our professional skilled designers. Our valued DESIGN & PREEPRESS SERVICES are giving very high results to our respected clients & partners, that are packaging printing houses.

Our goal is to offer our clients the best technology available in the world. This has required ongoing research and capital investment in hardware and software. All together combined with technical expertise of printing is the only way towards the safety success, in order to achieve the recognized quality of gravure and offset.

Design your packaging

Cover Graphics Packaging ok

We are a team of creators with a spirit of new and innovative ideas, we work hard to meet your digital needs and perfectly execute your projects in a fast time, efficiently and adding value. Design is the first impression a potential customer gets about his company. A good quality design managed by a group of experts will help you build credibility and consistency in your business product. Our professional team will help you to structure the packaging of your product according to market standards and customer demand. If you are looking for something innovative or want to refresh your brand, our team will be close to you to give the most ideal idea and spirit for your product and brand in world standards, a long life and sustainability in the future.

Creation, design and advice of the final artwork for both Brand owners and printers of all types of packaging.

We control, supervise and adapt the final artwork of our customers through a combination of extensive color management and detailed technical print specifications in order to achieve the best result.

Color Management


We use science to manage color from producing predictable and repeatable proofs through to enabling the proofs to be matched on press, reducing make ready times and compromises on press.

We transform design colors into a science to manage, control and measure to ensure the expectations, set at the proof stage are maintained on press, across multiple substrates.

The solution is full circle, starting from the mapping of the color space of each printer’s presses. This spectral color space mapping is then used to output proofs that we know the printer can match. By adopting FPD fingerprint, color, DGC curves printers can save consumables and press time. FPD helps our clients achieve the highest quality print possible within today’s demanding lead-times.

We work with customized color profiles and other technologies to ensure our customers have total transparency of the final printed result before committing to full print production.